Essential Oil Distillation and Spirit Making. May Long Weekend , May 17-20

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Learn the techniques of home spirit making with expert Distiller Doug Alexander.

Herbalists know that alcohol needs to be 60% (120 proof) for preservation purposes and at least 75% (150 proof) for solubizing essential oils. It’s difficult to acquire untainted alcohol of these strengths, or finding a product distilled with the intention of healing. At this retreat you will learn how to Learn the ancient craft of distilling essential oils and how to make stronger proof alcohol for tincture making or for home use.

We will be learning to distil corn mash spirits with two different methods. One is a stovetop stile that you can run in your own home and the second method will be using a traditional outdoor moonshine stile. 

you will learn expert tips and tricks and be able to ask questions and afterwards have a working knowledge of the distillation process and how to create the strength of alcohol that you require. You will also be able to create your own home distillation apparatus.

There will be amazing home cooked meals featuring local seasonal produce.

We will have optional activities such as hikes, sunset viewing and bonfire moonshine tasting.

You can choose to stay in one of our three bedrooms at the retreat centre, or rent the off-grid cabin as a group for a glamping experience.

There is also the option of camping with your own tent, for a discounted fee of $500 for the weekend 

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