Sigil Magick Consultations by "The Mystic"

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We create custom sigils and intentions for a variety of magickal purposes. Sigil magick is a quick and effective way to gain insights into current conditions and steer one’s trajectory toward a specific goal. Whether you are hoping for success in a business venture, or seeking empowerment and psychic protection, our custom sigil package offers you an ideal tool for your specific need.

"The Mystic" was introduced to various forms of magick at an early age. With family roots in Afro-Caribbean and European mysticism, and his use of Anting Anting and Oracion as practiced in the Trankada Aldabon system of Filipino Kali, "The Mystic" draws on diverse disciplines in the creation of your customized sigil. He has used sigils and autosuggestion to significant effect in his life and enjoys empowering others with these elegantly practical mediums of manifestation.

After your purchase, please access this online intake form and complete it in full. You will receive your sigil electronically in approximately 2-3 business days.

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