Earth Building Workshop/Retreat: May 31st-June 2nd

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Learn the techniques of sustainable earth building at this fun retreat on the Bruce Peninsula. Mary Beechie has first hand experience in Cob construction and will show you all the skills you will need to tackle your own earthen projects, such as buildings, walls and outdoor ovens.

Why earth building? Because modern building techniques are very wasteful and inefficient and we can gain inspiration from techniques of the past. By using local materials and reusing older items instead of sending them to the landfills, we can keep costs low and environmental impact even lower.

The use of Lyme based stucco  actually captures carbon from the air as the product dries and cures over time. Also, you can use cans, bottles and heaps of styrofoam, plastic waste and other waste material that would end up in landfills to form the walls. 

Modern buildings are based on the principle of keeping moisture out with vapour barriers and waterproofing, however moisture will eventually get inside and this will cause mold issues. Earthen buildings are hydroscopic, meaning that they have the ability to “breathe” expelling the moisture when it gets wet and preventing mold from forming. Not to mention there is an indescribable feeling of being in an earthen structure that calls to the very soul!

You will learn the technique of loose stone foundations, how to prepare the sight for building. How to create a strong earth based mixture (Cob) that will stand up to all the elements, how to form walls, add windows and doors, bottle walls, as well as roofing techniques.

You will also learn tips and tricks on finding building materials for free or almost free and join a like minded community of Earth Builders.

There will be lots of free time to enjoy the local sights. Lion’s Head is 15 minutes away and there are nearby caves, woods and lakes to explore.

There will be a continental breakfast served in the Retreat Center and then a large community lunch and dinner will be served featuring local seasonal fare.. Participants are encouraged to bring food to share, but this is not mandatory.

We strive to foster a community of mutual respect, harmony and generosity.



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