Introducing Mystic Window Media!

Posted by Lyndon Horsfall on

We are soft launching a media side of The Mystic Bookshop, called "Mystic Window Media," in which we'll be bringing you vodcasts, podcasts, original filmed entertainment, events, live streams, and educational content and playlists!

We have many upcoming surprises and cool content to present to you on the channel.  You can currently see the first episode of a half hour comedy, "Kitchener Sync," and a spooky, quirky, occultish horror film, the award winning "DEAD AIR," both made by our resident "Illusionist." But be warned about "DEAD AIR:" strong language and frightening situations! We also have a playlist called "The Coven of The Mystic Window," to help guide you through your spiritual journey.  So much more to come!

To function properly on have our own dedicated URL, live stream, etc....we need AT LEAST 100 subscribers! So we need YOU to subscribe so we can provide this content how we'd like. Check it out and please subscribe, so mote it be!


Blessed be!

Your resident Illusionist,


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